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Brace On: Part 2


So on 19/6/2016 I went for my 1st appointment after wearing the braces. The braces itself doesn’t annoy me as much as the first few weeks but the soreness that I felt on the teeth during on the 1st day is stl very much present. I still can’t eat properly, so I have to chew my food with only my 2nd molar on the left side (fitted with band). The front teeth still hurts very much as I’m guessing they are moving everyday. With food chewing problems, I’m taking a long time to finish a plate of rice (2 scoop) with Ayam Masak Halia or any lauk. It took me around 20 minutes as I have to chew slowly.

But here’s a good thing, when you chew your food ever so slowly, your brain has time to register when the stomach is full thus makes you actually feel a plate of food is enough instead the usual 2 plates overeating will lead to obesity like I did. For me, during this Fasting Month @ Ramadhan, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. Because everytime I eat or drink flavoured drink (milk, juice or anything with sugar) I have to brush my teeth to avoid plaque. And since it is such a hassle (I take about 10 minutes each time for brushing, flossing & mouthwash) during night time, as I will always be sleepy by that time, I avoid eating after Maghrib prayer. I will only be drinking plain water.

With less quantity of food consumed & avoiding sweet food and drinks due to the braces my weight has dropped from 77kg (in March 2016) to 69kg (in June 2016). All thanks to the braces and a set of challenges it brings. Hahaha 😂

Anyway, for the 2nd months I’m wearing a teal coloured band for my braces as it is the colour theme for my Baju Raya this year. Cool isn’t it when your braces matches your dress 😂😂


And how I look today,


Lastly my selfie, from chubby cheeks to long face 😝


Ok, tataa!



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