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Who Wants To Go To Kashmir?


I’ve been wanting to go to Kashmir since I went to India last February 2016 (will blog about that later) And as luck would have it, I met one Kashmiris through one of my Instagram post. We formed a friendship and the rest is history. Though one might doubt friendship base on Social Media where trust may be an issue, I have no problem with it (yet).

This Kashmiri friend of mine have a houseboat business in Nageen Lake, Kashmir. Most of the houseboats you’ll look up in Google focused at Dal Lake and will be a bit crowded for people who love to enjoy nature quietly, but Nageen Lake is just besides Dal Lake and less crowded. You may want to choose here for your holiday. Have you ever stayed on a houseboat for your holiday? I haven’t yet. And in Kashmir too! A heaven on earth.

The 17th century the Mughal emperor, Jahangir set his eyes on the valley of Kashmir. He said that if paradise is anywhere on the earth, it is here, while living in a houseboat on Dal Lake.

“Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.”
If there is ever a heaven on earth, its here, its here, its here.

From: Wikipedia

So what is this houseboat about? I’ll paste here what my friend forward to me:

Heaven Breeze, Group of House Boats is located close to the old city of Srinagar, and offers a breathtaking view on the idyllic and peaceful open Nageen Lake.

The houseboat, built in classic Kashmiri style, is currently run by Mohammad Shangloo and his lovely and warm family. They are the third generation to enjoy welcoming travellers and making them feel at home. Their delicious home-made Kashmiri food always proves to be a great hit among visitors.

Walking in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who managed one of the first houseboats built by the British in 1880, Mohammad has safely guided travellers on adventurous treks into the mountains and on exciting fishing and hunting escapades for over 50 years. Today, he is working closely with His Grandson Obaid Shangloo, who has also been in the family business since childhood.

Come and enjoy a restful stay at Heaven Breeze by lounging in the traditional Kashmiri sitting room, sipping a cup of tea on the porch while taking in the idyllic view of one of the most beautiful lakes in Kashmir.

Are you tempted? I am. But have to wait for a cheap flight ticket to India first. LOL

OK, so what do you do in Kashmir? Here’s a sample of the itinerary my Kashmiri friend provided.


Duration : 5 Nights / 6 Days
Destination : Srinagar – Sonamarg – Pahalgam – Gulmarg -Srinagar .

Day 1 :  Arrive Srinagar

Arrive Srinagar airport, our  assistance on arrival & proceed to houseboat,  check-in houseboats.

 Srinagar is also known as “paradise on earth” & “The Venice of Asia”. After Refreshment  leave for Shikara ride on the lake while you will see all the Country side and Floating market Floating Gardens. return evening back to houseboat . Dinner & overnight stay at houseboat


Day 2 : Srinagar – Sonamarg – Excursion

After breakfast leave houseboat & proceed for full day excursion tour of Sonamarg. (9600 fts a.s.l) “The Golden Meadow” Sonamarg is the beginning of the enchanted journey into a natural wonderland. Surrounded by mountains upto 5300 meters high the valley is divided by spur of the “Thajwas Range”. Return back to Srinagar for Dinner & overnight in houseboat

OPTIONAL – One can enjoy Horse ride at Sonamarg

unnamed (1)

Day 3  : Srinagar – Pahalgam – Excursion

After Breakfast drive to Pahalgam (Valley of Shepherds) – It is a resort set in a pristine village lying next to the Lidder River. It is situated at an altitude of 2,130 m above sea level and has a golf course at 2400 meters above the sea level. The nearby forested slopes are home to the Himalayan brown bear.

After having your lunch at local restaurant, proceed to have bridle walks and feed your cameras with the picture of magnificent view of mountains. Return back to Srinagar for Dinner & overnight in houseboat

OPTIONAL – One can enjoy Horse ride at Pahalgam.

unnamed (2)

Day 4 : Srinagar – Gulmarg  – Excursion

After breakfast full day excursion of Gulmarg – the most beautiful summer resort in the valley. It is popular for its highest golf course and skiing in winters.

You can enjoy a pony ride and also enjoy a Gondola ride (cable car) to Khilanmarg (at your own cost). Return evening  back to Srinagar Dinner & overnight in houseboat

OPTIONAL – One can enjoy Gondola ride or Horse ride at Gulmarg

unnamed (3)

Day 5  : Srinagar  ( Local sight seeing ) 

After breakfast visit the Mughal Gardens, Chashmi-e Shahi (The Royal Spring), Nishat (The Garden of pleasure) & Shalimar Bagh (Abode of Love). In the Afternoon enjoy the shopping around  Srinagar , Return evening back to Houseboat , Dinner & Overnight Stay at houseboats

unnamed (4)

Day 6   : Depart Srinagar

After breakfast  check-out houseboats & proceed to Srinagar Airport to board the flight for onwards destination.

So what is the price for all these sightseeing? Rs 36,500

And what does it includes?

>> 1 Double Room 2 PAX 
>> 05 Nights accommodation at Srinagar  Houseboats / ON MAPAI BASIS (Dinner & Breakfast)

>> Shikara Ride at Nageen Lake and all around 
>> All car transfers and sightseeing by per Itinerary.

*MAPAI = Modified American Plan All In, price includes stay with dinner & breakfast

However the price DOES NOT INCLUDE the followings:

>> Airfare.
>> Medical Insurance.
>> Any other expenses of personal nature
>> Horse ride at Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg.
>> Gondola ride (cable car) at Gulmarg
>> Mineral Water/Soft Drinks/Hard drinks, Laundry, and Tips etc.

If you are interested you can contact my Kashmiri friend here:

Contact Person :- Obaid Shangloo Travel Guide and Travel Consultant
Email: obaidshangloo@gmail.com
Whatsapp number :- +919018214780
Phone number :- +917298878201

You can call him Ubiee. If he tries to be funny just inform me, I’ll whack him in the head (Disclaimer: I don’t have any profit gain from this, just promoting my Kashmiri friend’s tour package to you)

Oh! One more thing, this Heaven Breeze Housboat is voted as Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Award 2016! How cool is that

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Brace On: Part 2


So on 19/6/2016 I went for my 1st appointment after wearing the braces. The braces itself doesn’t annoy me as much as the first few weeks but the soreness that I felt on the teeth during on the 1st day is stl very much present. I still can’t eat properly, so I have to chew my food with only my 2nd molar on the left side (fitted with band). The front teeth still hurts very much as I’m guessing they are moving everyday. With food chewing problems, I’m taking a long time to finish a plate of rice (2 scoop) with Ayam Masak Halia or any lauk. It took me around 20 minutes as I have to chew slowly.

But here’s a good thing, when you chew your food ever so slowly, your brain has time to register when the stomach is full thus makes you actually feel a plate of food is enough instead the usual 2 plates overeating will lead to obesity like I did. For me, during this Fasting Month @ Ramadhan, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. Because everytime I eat or drink flavoured drink (milk, juice or anything with sugar) I have to brush my teeth to avoid plaque. And since it is such a hassle (I take about 10 minutes each time for brushing, flossing & mouthwash) during night time, as I will always be sleepy by that time, I avoid eating after Maghrib prayer. I will only be drinking plain water.

With less quantity of food consumed & avoiding sweet food and drinks due to the braces my weight has dropped from 77kg (in March 2016) to 69kg (in June 2016). All thanks to the braces and a set of challenges it brings. Hahaha 😂

Anyway, for the 2nd months I’m wearing a teal coloured band for my braces as it is the colour theme for my Baju Raya this year. Cool isn’t it when your braces matches your dress 😂😂


And how I look today,


Lastly my selfie, from chubby cheeks to long face 😝


Ok, tataa!


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A Year’s Difference


Here’s how I look then & now. And how different I look. I can’t remember what my weight was last year but I assume it was around 78 – 80kg. Now my weight is 73kg (still in the obese category)

I guess my weight loss (albeight a very slow one) are due to the followings:

1. Shaklee supplement namely Ostematrix, B-Complex, Ginger Plus & Vita C Plus

2. GreenAard supplement for weight loss

3. Active participantion in fun run events of 5km, 6km & 7km every month. Sometimes twice a month.

4. Eating home cook food by moi. Yes, I’ve been cooking my own lunch & dinner since February (or was it January?). Since I don’t have much time, I do it frozen food style. Freeze in packs for easy consumption. My grocery & eating expenses has gone done significantly.

Those are the 4 things that I can think of contributing to my slow weight loss progress.

Oh yes, less sweet food & drinks too.

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Brace On! Part 1


Secara rasminya pada 22/5/2016 saya adalah pemakai braces! Yeay!

Umur dah tua baru nak pakai braces ye. Haha. Nampaknya dekat umur 40 baru dapat gigi cantik & rata.
Sebenarnya tak pernah terlintas pun nak pakai braces. Tapi sebab rentetan dari pertama kali berjumpa doktor gigi sebab gigi dah berlubang la (boleh baca di sini) saya terbuka hati nak pakai braces.

Terbuka hati sebab lepas dah buat tampalan kekal pada gigi geraham yang berlubang tu pada 15/5/2016 tu, balik rumah tengok gigi kat cermin baru perasan gigi depan senget ke kanan. Dah tak centre dengan muka (nampak tak betapa vain-nya saya). Saya pun memang ada masalah gigi berlapis sejak remaja. Jadi bila senyum saya jarang senyum lebar kerana seolah-olah macam rongak. Kalau ambik selfie or bergambar ramai-ramai saya akan pusing ke kiri supaya sisi kanan muka yang diambil gambar (kanan lagi cantik)

Lagi satu sebab bila Dr buat tampalan kekal pada geraham bongsu tu, kerja dia cermat. Tak rasa pun sakit seperti yang saya alami 16 tahun lepas masa cabut gigi geraham bawah. Dr pandai buat kerja lagi la saya terbuka hati untuk pakai braces.

RM90 je untuk buat tampalan kekal di geraham atas. Mujur tak perlu buat root canal.

16/5/2016 adalah langkah pertama saya pakai braces. Masa buat keputusan ni pun spontan je. Memang cuti hari Isnin tu. Duduk rumah saja takde buat apa, petang call City Dental Subang Bestari boleh tak buat appointment jam 4.30 petang nak pasang braces. haha. See? Saya suka spontan macam ni.

Kali ini saya ke cawangan Klinik Gigi City Dental di Subang Bestari. City Dental Subang Bestari ni ada fasiliti lengkap untuk langkah awal pasang braces – x-ray & moulding. Mula-mula Dr akan terangkan berapa harga braces dan apa prosedurnya. Bila kita setuju dengan harganya (saya dicaj RM5,000 untuk seluruh proses dari awal hingga akhir) baru Dr akan periksa gigi-gigi kita. Dr akan cuci gigi kita & buat scaling. Oh ye! Masa ni juga Dr akan bagitau berapa downpayment kita kena bayar di hari nak pasang braces nanti.

Masa buat scaling tu sebenarnya kali pertama seumur hidup saya alaminya. Kes takut pergi dentist menghalang saya selama ini. Haha. Alhamdulillah tak ngilu pula seperti yang orang ceritakan. Mungkin sebab saya rajin jaga gigi & juga rajin makan supplemen kalsium. Kerak-kerak gigi banyak dalam gusi saya. Harus bersihkan supaya tak merosakkan gigi. Siap je cuci gigi, Dr akan buat x-ray pula. X-ray dah termasuk dalam harga braces ye. Nanti Dr akan bagitau result dalam 1-2 hari kemudian.

Selepas je x-ray, Dr akan buat mould gigi atas bawah supaya model 3D gigi kita dapat dihasilkan untuk Dr study. Dah siap buat mould Dr akan masukkan separator di gigi geraham yang akan dipasang molar band. Molar band ni macam sauh yang akan pegang dawai braces nanti. Saya kena 4 je sebab gigi geraham bawah kanan takde gigi sebelah dia, jadi tak payah pasang. Gigi geraham atas kiri kanan pun pasang 1 je. Geraham bawah kiri pasang 2. Orang kata sakit, saya tak rasa pulak sakit. Rasa sengal je gusi macam daging terselit celah gigi je rasanya. Tapi nak mengunyah makanan 2-3 hari pertama tu seksa! Hari ke-3 je baru selamba je makan macam-macam. Tujuan spacer ni supaya ada ruang celah gigi untuk pasang molar band tanpa perlu kikis gigi. Saya kena pakai selama seminggu sampai next appointment.


RM90 je untuk buat tampalan kekal di geraham atas. Mujur tak perlu buat root canal.

Hari Selasa, 17/5/2016 klinik call kata tak perlu cabut. Alhamdulillah lega! Ada orang sampai 4 batang kena cabut. Terus set appointment dengan dental assistant tu nak pasang braces hari Ahad, 22/5/2016 di cawangan Kota Damansara.

Ahad, 22/5/2015 adalah hari yang dinantikan. Dr pasang braces dalam 45minit juga. Saya pakai braces konvensional je. Getah warna-warni tu saya pilih lavendar. Sebelum pilih tu dah siap Google dulu warna-warna apa yang sesuai untuk orang kulit gelap..hahahahaha (vain lagi di situ)

Lepas dah siap pasang braces, tak rasa apa sangat pun. Dr pesan macam-macam la, jangan makan makanan keras, kalau bracket tercabut sila ke klinik segera, jika dawai di molar band tertanggal selitkan bawah hook tu je supaya tak tercucuk gusi. Masa ni saya bayar downpayment RM1,500 seperti yang dipersetujui. Kena beli dental care package juga tau. Harga RM130.


RM90 je untuk buat tampalan kekal di geraham atas. Mujur tak perlu buat root canal.

Dr kata nak bagi pain killer kalau sakit sangat kat saya tapi dia lupa kut. Tapi dia ada bagi dental wax la sebab besi-besi tu baru dalam mulut akan rasa tercucuk-cucuk pipi, lidah & bibir. Anyway, balik tu dah tak boleh makan best-best walaupun balik tu saya masak juga lauk-lauk frozen sebanyak 4 jenis. Masak, tengok dan simpan tapi tak boleh makan. Hahahaha. Takpe la, kut-kut bulan Ramadhan nanti boleh makan. Jimat duit saya.

Malam tu dah terasa besi-besi tu mencucuk-cucuk. Terus tampal wax kat parts yang terasa. Yelah, tak biasa lagi. Gigi dah terasa sakit juga malam tu. Bila berlaga je gigi atas bawah macam bergegar je kepala.

2-3 hari pertama kekok juga la ada braces dalam mulut. Sokmo tampal dental wax sampai dah habis. Dr pun bagi sikit sangat. Suruh saya beli agaknya. Masuk je hari Jumaat ni, ok dah. Dah tak terasa besi-besi tu. Yang paling sakit sebenarnya dalam lidah sebab molar band saya ada cleats/cangkuk belah dalam. Tak tahu untuk apa lagi sebab tengok orang lain takde pulak. Mungkin untuk silang kan getah pada gigi untuk mempercepatkan pergerakan kut. Itu part paling annoying sekali. Rasa nak berdarah je lidah. Alhamdulillah hari ni ok dah.

Ok, bab jaga gigi memang kena beri perhatian sangat – berus gigi, floss, mouth wash. Rutin setakat hari ni masih ikut. Tak tahu la dah berbulan-bulan karang. Malam nak tidur memang allocate 30 minit nak buat rutin ni. Bayangkan seumur hidup tak pernah flossing, pakai braces je kena buat. Alhamdulillah ok je. Tak berdarah pun gusi.

Makan? Bubur, yoghurt & nestum je selama 5 hari ni. Nampak roti dengan marjerin pun boleh terliur.

Nak senyum masih kekok juga sebab tersembul braces baris atas ni. Hahahaha (vain lagi sekali) Tapi dah yakin sebab gigi berlapis yang kelihatan seolah rongak tu ada coil depan dia untuk cover. Nak cakap pun takde kekok & pelat, air liur tak tersembur pun macam orang lain cerita. Mengaji pun ok je

Nak tengok saya senyum sebelum braces?

Gambar kena kecik supaya korang tak nampak gigi senget tu. Hahaha

Ni selapas dah pakai braces beberapa hari.

See? Konfiden je senyum sambil tayang muka depan. Hahaha

Inilah rupa braces saya;

Jelas & nyata selama ini gigi saya senget rupanya

Next appointment bulan puasa nanti. Masa tu bayar dalam RM150-200 untuk follow up ni. Kalau bayar banyak, cepat la setel ansuran braces tapi appointment tetap kena datang walaupun dah habis bayar.

P/s: Sebenarnya saya lapar sangat setiap hari. Tapi demi nak cantikkan gigi senget atas tu saya sanggup tahan. Dah kurus dah rasanya ni.


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My First Ever Voluntary Visit To The Dentist


Today, for the first time in my life I visit the dentist voluntarily. And that’s because I have a gaping hole in my top molar tooth. No, there was no pain. It’s just that I feel I need to treat it and face my fear of the dentist once and for all.

You see, 20 years ago, I visit my dentist in uni because my 2nd bottom molar has hole and it was getting very painful for me to eat. The treatment was horrible. The dentist had trouble extracting the molar and as a result I had fever for 1 week once I got home. From that day on I fear the dentist.

Anyway, back to my visit to the dentist today, which I chance upon in Instagram when they like one of my pics, I was interested in going to them when I saw their posts and after contacting them on their services.


My earlier appointment was supposed to be last week Friday but I was stuck in a horrible traffic jam due to long weekend Labour Day holiday in Malaysia so I had to reschedule it to today, Sunday.

City Dental Surgery have 2 outlet. One in Subang Bestari and one in Section 5, Kota Damansara. I chose Kota Damansara as it was just 30 minutes drive from home.


I arrive at 10.45am. My appointment was at 11.00am. I had a good chat with the Dr’s assistant. A friendly lady. My bad not asking for her name.

At 11.00am the Dr arrive. We check my tooth and he suggested options. First, to do filling. If a week later there is still pain due to infection from the inside I can decide either to do root canal or remove the tooth. So I ask the Dr what is the best step now. He said do the filling first. And so I did. Yeay to me for being brave (remember I fear dental treatment very much)

The Dr injected some anaesthetic to my gum. He even explained that it will be a bit painful. But it wasn’t to me as my past experience was way more horrible & painful! Anyway, after 2-3 minutes the anaesthetic was talking effect and the Dr started to clean the hole and applied filling. I tried to relax everytime the Dr was drilling/sharpening my tooth. I feel no pain as my cheek & gum was numb, so yeay to that! The treatment was over in 10 minutes I guess and it cost me just RM70. Reasonable to me.

The Dr gave me antibiotic to be taken until finish and painkiller to be taken as needed. As of now the effect of anaesthetic hasn’t wear off yet. I’m waiting for it to come oh no! Huaaaarggg! I’m scared of pain!! Oh! I realised I must’ve been so tensed because when I was back in my car I realised my shoulders was very, very stiff.

I have to meet the Dr again next Sunday to see the progress of the filling. If it’s still painful I have to take the next step. Hopefully, not, as I’m really, really scard of pain. I also talk with the Dr’s assistant on wearing braces as she said it’s good to wear it as my teeth is not aligned. Maybe next week I can decide on it when I visit them again. I’ve been thinking about it for sometime too.

As a summary, my voluntary visit to the dentist has shed my fear of dental treatment which I harboured for years since my 1st molar removal. The Dr’s treatment was nice and not what I feared it would be – painful.

Thank you Dr Fiesal Abdul Rahman for the service. I will come again. And probably I will be a regular 😁

P/s: I’m thinking on wearing braces as the price is reasonable to me. Even if it may be expensive to some, for me service will always trump prices.


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From The Sea To The Mountain


I’ve always love the sea since I can remember. I’ve been going to the beaches every year since small and have never missed it even once. My maternal grandparents’ house is near the beach. 5 minutes drive. Over the years, as I grow up, I came to understand the temperament of the sea, when is the best time to take a dip, swim or when to just sit at the beach and avoid going into the waters all together, as a local does.

Unfortunately, every year there will be drowning cases during the school holidays which coincides with the monsoon season in the East Coast of Malaysia. Most of the victims are outsiders. Although I am also an outsider, but I’ve been going to these beaches every year for the past 35 years & understand the sea condition very well. As such if in a year I can’t smell the seaside salty air, I’ll get sick. It’s like a longing to go back to one place just to recharge one’s energy.

However, over the year I grew to love the mountains too. Maybe because I realized I don’t love the city that much to live in but just work in. Not that I love mountain climbing (never done that) it’s just I like mountain views. I’ve lived at the foot of a mountain when I was posted to another state. The weather was unpredictable especially rain. But after few years, I can ‘read’ the clouds, whether it will rain or not, heavy rain, drizzle or a storm. Why clouds? Because a mountain is sometime what blocks a cloud from going over it and as a result will rain down on the valley.

Everyday going to & coming back from work, I will always look to the mountain. The fresh air every morning or after rain is so invigorating. You can’t get that in the city. If I was outstation, I can’t wait to go back. Seeing the mountain range from afar while driving back gets me excited. I still do now when I see any mountain range on a clear sunny days.

And for that I am thankful that my house has a view of the mountain range. It’s so soothing when you can see green mountains every morning. Although when the haze hits, I wish I was somewhere else 😛


Anyway, I have a dream of settling somewhere where I can see snowcapped mountains. That will be exciting wouldn’t it? Though I don’t  think I will like it when it snows. I have phobias of snow And where would it be? Hopefully somewhere where there’s also a water body to remind me of the sea.

My love has grown from the sea to include the mountains.