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Who Wants To Go To Kashmir?


I’ve been wanting to go to Kashmir since I went to India last February 2016 (will blog about that later) And as luck would have it, I met one Kashmiris through one of my Instagram post. We formed a friendship and the rest is history. Though one might doubt friendship base on Social Media where trust may be an issue, I have no problem with it (yet).

This Kashmiri friend of mine have a houseboat business in Nageen Lake, Kashmir. Most of the houseboats you’ll look up in Google focused at Dal Lake and will be a bit crowded for people who love to enjoy nature quietly, but Nageen Lake is just besides Dal Lake and less crowded. You may want to choose here for your holiday. Have you ever stayed on a houseboat for your holiday? I haven’t yet. And in Kashmir too! A heaven on earth.

The 17th century the Mughal emperor, Jahangir set his eyes on the valley of Kashmir. He said that if paradise is anywhere on the earth, it is here, while living in a houseboat on Dal Lake.

“Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.”
If there is ever a heaven on earth, its here, its here, its here.

From: Wikipedia

So what is this houseboat about? I’ll paste here what my friend forward to me:

Heaven Breeze, Group of House Boats is located close to the old city of Srinagar, and offers a breathtaking view on the idyllic and peaceful open Nageen Lake.

The houseboat, built in classic Kashmiri style, is currently run by Mohammad Shangloo and his lovely and warm family. They are the third generation to enjoy welcoming travellers and making them feel at home. Their delicious home-made Kashmiri food always proves to be a great hit among visitors.

Walking in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who managed one of the first houseboats built by the British in 1880, Mohammad has safely guided travellers on adventurous treks into the mountains and on exciting fishing and hunting escapades for over 50 years. Today, he is working closely with His Grandson Obaid Shangloo, who has also been in the family business since childhood.

Come and enjoy a restful stay at Heaven Breeze by lounging in the traditional Kashmiri sitting room, sipping a cup of tea on the porch while taking in the idyllic view of one of the most beautiful lakes in Kashmir.

Are you tempted? I am. But have to wait for a cheap flight ticket to India first. LOL

OK, so what do you do in Kashmir? Here’s a sample of the itinerary my Kashmiri friend provided.


Duration : 5 Nights / 6 Days
Destination : Srinagar – Sonamarg – Pahalgam – Gulmarg -Srinagar .

Day 1 :  Arrive Srinagar

Arrive Srinagar airport, our  assistance on arrival & proceed to houseboat,  check-in houseboats.

 Srinagar is also known as “paradise on earth” & “The Venice of Asia”. After Refreshment  leave for Shikara ride on the lake while you will see all the Country side and Floating market Floating Gardens. return evening back to houseboat . Dinner & overnight stay at houseboat


Day 2 : Srinagar – Sonamarg – Excursion

After breakfast leave houseboat & proceed for full day excursion tour of Sonamarg. (9600 fts a.s.l) “The Golden Meadow” Sonamarg is the beginning of the enchanted journey into a natural wonderland. Surrounded by mountains upto 5300 meters high the valley is divided by spur of the “Thajwas Range”. Return back to Srinagar for Dinner & overnight in houseboat

OPTIONAL – One can enjoy Horse ride at Sonamarg

unnamed (1)

Day 3  : Srinagar – Pahalgam – Excursion

After Breakfast drive to Pahalgam (Valley of Shepherds) – It is a resort set in a pristine village lying next to the Lidder River. It is situated at an altitude of 2,130 m above sea level and has a golf course at 2400 meters above the sea level. The nearby forested slopes are home to the Himalayan brown bear.

After having your lunch at local restaurant, proceed to have bridle walks and feed your cameras with the picture of magnificent view of mountains. Return back to Srinagar for Dinner & overnight in houseboat

OPTIONAL – One can enjoy Horse ride at Pahalgam.

unnamed (2)

Day 4 : Srinagar – Gulmarg  – Excursion

After breakfast full day excursion of Gulmarg – the most beautiful summer resort in the valley. It is popular for its highest golf course and skiing in winters.

You can enjoy a pony ride and also enjoy a Gondola ride (cable car) to Khilanmarg (at your own cost). Return evening  back to Srinagar Dinner & overnight in houseboat

OPTIONAL – One can enjoy Gondola ride or Horse ride at Gulmarg

unnamed (3)

Day 5  : Srinagar  ( Local sight seeing ) 

After breakfast visit the Mughal Gardens, Chashmi-e Shahi (The Royal Spring), Nishat (The Garden of pleasure) & Shalimar Bagh (Abode of Love). In the Afternoon enjoy the shopping around  Srinagar , Return evening back to Houseboat , Dinner & Overnight Stay at houseboats

unnamed (4)

Day 6   : Depart Srinagar

After breakfast  check-out houseboats & proceed to Srinagar Airport to board the flight for onwards destination.

So what is the price for all these sightseeing? Rs 36,500

And what does it includes?

>> 1 Double Room 2 PAX 
>> 05 Nights accommodation at Srinagar  Houseboats / ON MAPAI BASIS (Dinner & Breakfast)

>> Shikara Ride at Nageen Lake and all around 
>> All car transfers and sightseeing by per Itinerary.

*MAPAI = Modified American Plan All In, price includes stay with dinner & breakfast

However the price DOES NOT INCLUDE the followings:

>> Airfare.
>> Medical Insurance.
>> Any other expenses of personal nature
>> Horse ride at Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg.
>> Gondola ride (cable car) at Gulmarg
>> Mineral Water/Soft Drinks/Hard drinks, Laundry, and Tips etc.

If you are interested you can contact my Kashmiri friend here:

Contact Person :- Obaid Shangloo Travel Guide and Travel Consultant
Email: obaidshangloo@gmail.com
Whatsapp number :- +919018214780
Phone number :- +917298878201

You can call him Ubiee. If he tries to be funny just inform me, I’ll whack him in the head (Disclaimer: I don’t have any profit gain from this, just promoting my Kashmiri friend’s tour package to you)

Oh! One more thing, this Heaven Breeze Housboat is voted as Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Award 2016! How cool is that

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Belajar Dari Luka

Status IG story Kak Diana Ishak

Tengok IG story Kak Diana Ishak (my favourite blogger) dan nampak status dia yg ni.

Memang kena sangat dengan apa yg aku alami sekarang. Tapi aku yakin apa yang terjadi adalah Perancangan Dia.

Kedatangan individu dalam hidup kita adakalanya membawa bahagia dan adakalanya membawa duka.

Yang bawa bahagia, alhamdulillah. Jaga baik-baik. Usaha keras bina bahagia. Kerana kalau biar tanpa apa-apa usaha pun lama-lama akan kurang bahagia.

Yang datang bawa duka dalam hidup kita, ambillah iktibar. Belajar untuk baiki diri. Cari yang terbaik yang tidak mendatangkan lagi duka dalam hidup.

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Kekal Baik

Walaupun kita telah berpisah dengan orang yang pernah kita sayang, cubalah kekal baik. Tak usah mengutuk atau mengata semata-mata nak lepas perasaan kecewa ditinggalkan atau telah putus hubungan.

Kita tak tahu, di masa akan datang, kita akan bertemu semula orang yang telah berpisah dari kita. Masa tu mesti kekok kan?

Jadi berpada-pada sahaja dalam melampiaskan kekecewaan. Berdoa je pada Allah agar Dia hilangkan rasa sedih di hati. Kerana sesungguhnya Dia yang memegang hati kita dan orang yang pernah kita sayang.

Kita mencintai orang, Allah jua yang limpahkan rasa cinta itu dalam hati kita. Kita mula menyintai orang lain selain dia pun, Allah jua yang memalingkan hati kita. Begitu juga orang yang pernah mencintai kita. Suatu masa dulu kitalah dalam hati dia. Tapi sekali Allah bolak-balikkan hati dia, dia akan mencintai orang lain dengan tiba-tiba sahaja. Kita hanya pernah menjadi persinggahan cuma.

Oleh itu, kekallah baik dengan dia walaupun dia tak mahu kerana masa depan kita tak tahu. Kelak bila bertemu semula, kita tiada lagi rasa kecewa. Hanya bahagia di hati kerana tiada kesedihan yang mencengkam jiwa.

Berkata baik-baik, doa yang baik-baik.

Insya’Allah yang datang pada kita adalah yang terbaik telah Dia tetapkan.

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Gemuk ke Kurus


Tahun 2014 aku Obese Class 1

Tahun ni, 2018 aku Overweight.

Ni kalau kira BMI.

Kalau kira inci seluar, tahun 2014 saiz seluar aku 36 inci & tahun 2018 dah turun ke saiz 31 inci.

Berat berkurangan dari 82kg ke 62kg.

20kg kurang! 😱

Sungguh aku pun tak sangka akan kurang berat banyak sangat. Dulu macam berangan je nak kurus. Nak buat aktiviti yg mengurangkan berat tu memang takkan lah.

Kurangkan makan? Lagi aku takkan buat. Portion besar, makan junk food, minum & minuman manis setiap hari. Input kalori tinggi tapi output kalori sangat rendah. Deposit kalori tinggi bertambah setiap tahun. Manalah nak turun berat.

Aku start kurus pun tahun 2016 lepas pakai braces. Braces memaksa aku untuk mengunyah makanan perlahan-lahan. Bila kunyah perlahan-lahan, maka aku akan rasa kenyang walaupun makanan dalam pinggan belum habis lagi. Lama-lama, portion aku makan makin kecil. Dulu sehari boleh 4 pinggan nasi, sekarang 1 pinggan nasi. Burger, ayam goreng, pisang goreng boleh dikira dengan jari makan dalam sebulan.

Air masak memang kegemaran. Tak pernah tinggal walau ke mana. Pergi kedai makan pun bawa air masak sendiri. 😂 Raya pun sama. Beraya rumah orang pun aku bawa botol air masak. Eh! Lantaklah orang nak kata apa, janji lepas tu badan aku sihat. Kalau aku sakit bukan orang yg mengata tu akan tolong pun.

Senaman yg aku selalu buat cuma berlari. Berlari ni senang. Gerak satu kaki di depan satu kaki lagi satu. Ulang-ulang. Dan gerak dengan laju. Maka berlarilah.

Pernah cuba senaman lain macam Zumba, Aerobic & Yoga. Tak serasi kecuali Yoga. Yang lagi 2 tu kelaut aku ikut. Tak enjoy macam aku berlari. Lari ni asal cuaca elok, takde anjing liar, maka tempat letak kereta kawasan apartment aku lah yg aku tuju untuk berlari dalam 30-45 minit sehari.

Event larian 5km & 10km dah kerap sangat aku masuk. Sekarang tengah nak train untuk masuk 21km, Half Marathon, aku yg pertama. Target tahun depan, 2019, aku nak lari 21km. Doakan lah misi aku berjaya. Amin.

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Menangis Dalam Hati

Menangis dalam hati memang takkan ada siapa pun tahu.

Punca tangisan?

Banyak sebab.

Ada yg disebabkan orang lain.

Ada yg disebabkan situasi.

Ada yg sebab diri sendiri.

Aku? Sebab orang lain. 😭


Entah. Moga aku kuat.

Benarlah kata orang, bahagia kena bina sendiri. Tak boleh harap ke orang lain. Orang lain tak semestinya membahagiakan kita. Mungkin dia pun mengejar bahagia dia sendiri. Dan bahagia dia mungkin tak sama macam bahagia yg kita cari.

So sad…